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In a critical time when everyone in the world including the London community is fighting against COVID-19 in solidarity, equity and support from each other become crucial to all of us.

As Chinese Canadians working in London, we are shocked, disappointed, and in fact feel discriminated by the recent Billboard outside the Ale House on Dundas Street in London, Ontario. The Billboard intentionally and repeatedly linked the coronavirus with China where the local Chinese community has cultural and ethnic roots, ignoring the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Guidelines on Naming New Human Infectious Diseases effective since May 8, 2015:

Terms that should be avoided in disease names include geographic locations (e.g. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome…), people’s names, species of animal or food (e.g. swine flu, bird flu), cultural, population, industry or occupational references, and terms that incite undue fear (e.g. unknown, fatal, epidemic).

Obviously, the term “China Virus” displayed and propagated by the heinous Billboard offends the internationally accepted and practiced norms established by the WHO, in addition to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations (1948), and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as part of Canada’s Constitution (1982).

We believe Canada is a country where multiculturalism is respected commonly, and diversity and inclusion are promoted and defended constitutionally. We are standing up together against racism in any form and condemning the racial discrimination publicized by the Billboard. We urge the owner of the Billboard to apologize to the Chinese and broader communities who are offended. Additionally, we will be closely following up on how this case is being investigated and processed.
UWO Chinese Professors Association
The Chinese Freemasons of London
Chinese Canadian National Council London Chinese Culture Centre

The Red Maple Journal